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For several day’s now the Lord has been calling me to refocus my heart. For me today, I have spent way to much time on twitter and Instagram reading and responding to comments made about our current President.

For several years I had been in off and on prayer for our country and as the election year rolled around, I stepped up my prayers for this country in hopes that God would hear my prayers and give his church a leader that would lead this nation in a Godly direction. A lot of my ideas about what is godly and not comes from the Bible and my up bringing. Which may or may not align with other godly men and women?

My purpose in writing this article is to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and I am curious as to what he will say to me. You see I know I am in need of some direction in my life. I have gotten off course somewhere along the way. My heart and eyes have strayed from the truth and my one true love Jesus.

The following is the scripture I prayed and the scripture I heard prayed over and over for this country. https://www.gotquestions.org/2-Chronicles-7-14.html. I wonder if God heard my prayer and the prayer of many more, that prayed that prayer. I believe he did. It was a cry from our hearts. Forgive me Lord for I have sinned. I prayed God send us a leader to lead America and save us from this rampant sin and broken world we live in?

Today I am called to refocus my heart and stand and take up my cross. Way before I was thought of another nation cried out to God for a leader. https://www.gotquestions.org/Israelites-ask-king.html, They got one and their hearts were turned from God.

Today I have to confess my heart has been deceived and I to rush to defend a man and country, a belief I have, a fear and an unworthy righteousness. It is not a man I need but a savior who has already paid a price no other could pay. A jealous God who loves me more than I can comprehend.  Like my brothers and sisters from long ago, I learned nothing and will perish just like them, if I do not turn back to my first Love,Jesus.

President Trump, or any politician is not what I need. They will never be able to deliver this country and world today from the brokenness and thirst it has for iniquity, sin and lust. The answer is in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and the work done on the cross by Jesus. Only when I put Jesus first and lift his name up and take my concerns cares and fears to him first, will I be satisfied and have peace.

There is no wrong in cheering for your choice of politician or your choice of sport or food, or religion. The problem is when we want it over Jesus. The name of Jesus has to be lifted above all names. Jesus is who I go to first, before I say anything or do anything. I ask Jesus, I give it to Jesus. I lift Jesus up not man or a king, or a president. Jesus will not allow that to happen. He never has and never will.

I have to remember our prayers before this last election. If God answered my prayers and I believe he did. Then It is Jesus I praise and Jesus that I give the glory to and Jesus to whom I trust and take my cross up daily for.

In this world today, their will be many things try to take the place of Jesus. Confusion, division, hate, envy, lust for many things, idols, worshipping others, false doctrine, sexual perversion, lying, murdering and many more. All there to distract me from my one true love Jesus.

In closing it is a good reminder to me,  that God hears my prayers and see’s me


More than anything satan would destroy me. He has come to lie ,kill and destroy me. If he can get my attention off Jesus then he has my soul. So today I will refocus my heart on my first love Jesus. Today I will return and trust the one who is for me, hears me and rescues me from all harm Jesus.

Much Love Tom