I have tried hard to find you— don’t let me wander from your commands.

Psalms 119:10 NLT

Amazing plea! David is asking God to keep him from doing things that do not please God. Sin in his life. David is saying if you don’t stop me, I will sin. Here David has completely surrendered his soul to God. Without God he has no hope but to live a life of sin.

By his own admission David is saying, I need you Lord. Every second of every day. Do we look at our life like that. When without God, we would turn to sin. Do we feel the need to have God in our life in such a way as it’s life and death. Or that we have found our true love and we are afraid we might disappoint him or worst yet become separated from him and we couldn’t stand that.

I was so astonished this morning when, I heard David’s plea in these scriptures. This is my cry. Lord don’t leave me, or give up on me. Sure, we have Jesus and forgiveness for our sins. Sure we have grace. But do we so love the Lord as he does us, that we want nothing to separate us from his great love. Nothing coming between us.

I pray that we all are pulled closer to the Lord, by his Spirit. That we experience his love for us in such a way that we would not want anything to come between us. That that love would turn into a love for each other. This is what Jesus wants for his children. One in him. Today let there be a change in our hearts , to truly please the Lord, by loving one another in such a way as nothing can come between us.

Much love Tom