I was thinking by now some of the folks that read my post are  wondering maybe why I’m not posting as much. So in case there is curiosity. I have been spending time in prayer and focusing on myself. It is time for me to obey a calling on my life that has only magnified in recent years. I believe that the Lord has been preparing me for his purposes and as such the Holy Spirit has called me to prepare for this.

I have officially started studies, working towards my credintials and a degree. I want my readers to know, because I will need your prayers. I am asking for your prayers.

I also in all likelihood will post less. I will be trying to follow some of you. Unfortunately I cannot read all the posts that come in. Therefore if I don’t respond, please forgive me.

I am humbled at the calling from the almighty God to draw closer to God, as he creates in me a image of Christ. So with a empty heart, I approach the master and cry fill me Lord.

All my Love Tom