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This morning I  sat at the table finishing my breakfast and noticed the little scripture holder that set’s on the table. Some of you might remember this particular one. It was called bread of life, It is a loaf of bread that holds different scriptures relevant to our daily struggles and hopes. It is set up to build our faith and give us rest and peace.

Well the scripture I pulled out as I reached over was just what I needed to hear. It is as follows. “The Lord is my shepherd I have everything I need”. Psalms 23:1

No bible lesson here, real simple “We have everything we need if the Lord is our shepherd. If the Lord is not your shepherd or if you have not given over your whole heart to him, then he still holds everything you need. You see you are just allowing life and the way this world lives to dictate to you what you can have. God said he has everything you need. Surrender all your struggles and frustration to God. The Lord ask us to take his yoke for it is light to carry. Oxen’s,big cow’s for you that are wondering use to labor under great big wooden yokes that hitched them to wagons. Can you imagine the struggle they had. “Thus goes take my yoke it is light”.

My point to you today is this. God’s word the bible holds all the answers to life’s journey for us. It is a powerful thing when we put it to use. We are freed from bondages and chains that hold us back. It speaks revelation words into our life that gives us clarity and discernment on what is next and where to go. The word of God gives us hope and builds our faith, which in turn helps us to trust God more as he molds our character into his.

Today will you take these words I offer to heart, dont let pride or offence,or anything negitive hold you back. Find a bible you can read and understand and let it be your guide in life and be set free to live. I leave you with a thought. The word said Jesus “The Word is Jesus” sat face to face from the very begining conversing about God’s plan for us.

(In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.)


Much Love Tom