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” Blessed shall you be when you come in,

and blessed shall you be when you go out.”

~Deuteronomy 28:6

If I keep the commands of the Lord, I may appropriate this promise without question.

 This day I will come into my house without fear of evil tidings, and i will come into my closet expecting to hear good news from my Lord. I will not be afraid to come unto myself by self-examination,nor to come into my affairs by a diligent inspection of my business. Oh for the blessings of the lord Jesus, who has promised to abide with me.

I must go out . Timidity makes me wish that I could stay within doors and never go into the sinful world. But I go out in my calling; I must be a defender of the faith and an assailant of evil. Oh for a blessing upon my going out this day!

   Lord, let me go where You lead,on Your errands, under Your command,and in the power of Your Spirit.

Peace to you

Faith Checkbook Brother Charles Spurgeon