Happy is the man that feareth always.     ~Proverbs 28:14

The fear of the Lord is the beginning and the foundation of all true religion. He is happy who has a jealous fear of doing wrong. Holy fear looks not only before it leaps,but even before it moves. It is afraid of error,of neglecting duty,of committing sin. It fears ill company, loose talk,and questionable policy. He who foresees evil and escapes it is happier than he who walks carelessly on and is destroyed.

Fear of God is a quite grace the leads a man along a choice road, of which it is written, “No lion shall be there, nor shall any ravenous beast go upon it” (Isa. 35:9) In both senses he that “feareth always” is made happy. Solomon had tried both worldliness and holy fear; in the one he found vanity, in the other happiness. Let us not repeat his trial but abide by his verdict.

Peace to you Tom

Faith’s Check Book Brother Charles Spurgeon