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It was laid on my heart today how I have never stopped and taken a closer look at the food and clothing that God so abundantly supplies for us. As I was in prayer today the Holy Spirit showed me the work and the burdens that the men and women across the world face as they grow and harvest the food we eat and clothes we wear. I know some folks do not realize that most of the clothes you wear today are dependent on growers somewhere.

Recently it came to my attention that folks out in Los Angeles California are out of water. It has long been knowledge to me that for some time now the growers in Californian and Texas have faced a shortage of water and have been on rationing. Some have had to quit growing crops because of the abundant water needs they require. Others have lost family farms that have been there since statehood because they are so far down on the list to get to use water for their crops that they either do not get any or there is none left when it gets to them.

There are many different issues not just water across this world today that have the food and clothes we wear in danger of disappearing. Yes I know most folks do not believe we are that far along. After all the clothes racks are full of clothes and being given away and the pantries are full. At least in our homes right.

Have you ever been in Walmart or any store late at night and looked at the bread shelves or milk coolers? If the delivery does not show up tomorrow there will not be any there the next day. If countries today did not rely heavily on imports from other countries some folks would not get food or have clothes to wear. America today is a prime example. The land of plenty imports far more than it produces. At this time they could not feed or cloth their own country. Financially or with their own resources.

There are many reasons for these troublesome topics, that soon will become a more apparent reality. One is lack of good stewardship from those that have been given control. Another is that we are growing , babies are being born every second. Another still yet is we waste so much. Now I am sure anyone who reads this can come up with many more reasons for these issues we face today.


The scripture God took me to concerning these issues was Psalm 65. Praising God for abundantly supply our needs in all things.

  • The verses that really stood out to me were Psalm 65: 9-12. The Holy Spirit showed me the dry lands and parched fields, then reminded me that although we fear the earth and all the calamities it might bring to us. God has the resources and they are abundantly his. There was more in this book of Psalm about prayer and how God answers. I also was reminded of the scriptures 2 Chronicles 7:14.


Below is a teaser of what  Psalm 65 is addressing.

1. How much there is in it of the power and goodness of God, which is here set forth by a great variety of lively expressions.

  • (1.) God that made the earth hereby visits it, sends to it, gives proof of his care of it, v. 9. It is a visit in mercy, which the inhabitants of the earth ought to return in praises.
  • (2.) God, that made it dry land, hereby waters it, in order to its fruitfulness. Though the productions of the earth flourished before God had caused it to rain, yet even then there was a mist which answered the intention, and watered the whole face of the ground, Gen. 2:5, 6. Our hearts are dry and barren unless God himself be as the dew to us and water us; and the plants of his own planting he will water and make them to increase.
  • (3.) Rain is the river of God, which is full of water; the clouds are the springs of this river, which do not flow at random, but in the channel which God cuts out for it. The showers of rain, as the rivers of water, he turns which way soever he pleases.
  • (4.) This river of God enriches the earth, which without it would quickly be a poor thing. The riches of the earth, which are produced out of its surface, are abundantly more useful and serviceable to man than those which are hidden in its bowels; we might live well enough without silver and gold, but not without corn and grass.
  • 2. How much benefit is derived from it to the earth and to man upon it.
    • (1.) To the earth itself. The rain in season gives it a new face; nothing is more reviving, more refreshing, than the rain upon the new-mown grass, Ps. 72:6. Even the ridges of the earth, off which the rain seems to slide, are watered abundantly, for they drink in the rain which comes often upon them; the furrows of it, which are turned up by the plough, in order to the seedness, are settled by the rain and made fit to receive the seed (v. 10); they are settled by being made soft. That which makes the soil of the heart tender settles it; for the heart is established with that grace. Thus the springing of the year is blessed; and if the spring, that first quarter of the year, be blessed, that is an earnest of a blessing upon the whole year, which God is therefore said to crown with his goodness (v. 11), to compass it on every side as the head is compassed with a crown, and to complete the comforts of it as the end of a thing is said to crown it. And his paths are said to drop fatness; for whatever fatness there is in the earth, which impregnates its productions, it comes from the out-goings of the divine goodness. Wherever God goes he leaves the tokens of his mercy behind him. Here is the study link for this chapter. However you could pull your own down. Studying Gods word reveals God to us. So if your inclined to please read this.

In closing let us praise God and humble ourselves before him and repent of our sin. Living clean Holy life’s before Him. Remembering that God supplies all our needs in every area of our life’s. Let us listen to His calling as we see these issues taking place around us. God is calling us back to him, that He alone would be our guide in how we use the land and all He has given us. God has all the answers and will willing reveal them to us if we will give him the glory and but turn to Him.

Much love Tom

Be a light to the world and salt to the earth