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“The word of the Lord endures forever.” Now this is the word which by the gospel was preached to you. 

~1 Peter 1:25

All human teaching shall pass away; but we are assured that the Word of the Lord will endure forever.

We have a divine gospel; for what word can endure forever but that which is spoken by the eternal God?

We have a ever- living gospel, as full of vitality as when it first came from the lips of God, as strong to convince and convert,console,sustain and sanctify, as ever it was in its first days.

We have an unchanging gospel, which is not today green grass and tomorrow dry hay, but always the abiding truth of God. Opinions alter, but truth certified by God can no more change than the God who uttered it.

Here then we have a gospel to rejoice in, feed on the word today, and all the days of your life.

With all my love Tom

Faith’s Checkbook

Charles H Spurgeon