This both a timely post and much needed post. It took great courage and the love of mankind to post this. I appreciate your willingness to stand for what is right Jennifer and for caring so much. I enjoyed this read so much, though with a heavy heart.

much love Tom

I Give God All The Glory


News flash!!!!
I’m not perfect.
I mess things up.
I get angry.
I can be unloving or unkind.
I make mistakes.
Sometimes I say or do the wrong things.
I can be critical or take things personally.
Sometimes I just plain blow it.

We all have things we struggle with. I can openly admit to God and you Sweet Souls, I am not perfect (far, far from it) but thank God my Savior Jesus is. I know my flesh is weak but my love for and adoration to be obedient to God supercedes everything else in my life. {Reread that last sentence. Is God your number one priority – the One who supercedes all others including yourself? If not, stop and pray about this NOW!} I know who I am in Christ I don’t need to pretend I’m some super race runner Christian who has it all together but I…

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