Mark thank you for your post. It meant Quite a bit too Carolyn and I. Kelly’s birthday was the 15th of July. She left is on the 30th of July last year. We are getting ready to set her memorial stone. I lot to write about just not today. Thinking of your family and lifting you up in prayers.

A Generous Helping

What is your greatest fear? What is it for you – that thing that gives you shudders just to think of it? Thunderstorms? Dogs, snakes, spiders? Heights or maybe confined places? Perhaps it is something psychological like public speaking, failure, or being alone. Most of us are afraid of death. Everyone has something they fear in varying degrees – even Chuck Norris.

Your list of fears might be long or it might be short.

While I don’t love snakes, I know my greatest fear is being eaten by a shark. What are the odds, right? I go to the beach one week out of the year and stay in the surf. Oh, I wade out and play. But I always I keep a wary eye on the horizonjaws-poster and make sure there is at least one person bobbing between me and the deep blue. I call him chum and he is…

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