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I got up this morning sleepy headed and went out back to feed the fish and water the chickens. I have had a long standing battle with a neighbor of mine. The problem stems from my own heart. I wont fight this battle. I give it to Jesus. For if I fought the battle it would never yield anything good. I am naturally hotheaded. None of these attributes are Godly or help my cause. Which is to be like Christlike and lead others to Christ. Including my neighbor. As my brother Paul put it (make disciples for Christ). Without love or a pure heart and Holy hands and of most importance yielding to the Holy Spirit I will never get it done.

The lesson here today for me is don’t give up on me or my neighbor. God has started a work in both of us and far be it for me to stand in his way. I would be honored and very eager to just be a part of what Christ Jesus is trying to do with us both. Now I wont mislead you. It is not pretty everyday I go out and see this neighbor. I do however cast my burdens at Jesus feet and ask for strength to think good thoughts of him and to pray for him that God would bless his family and give him peace and joy in his life for he deserves peace and joy.

If satan had his way it would be a mess. Instead glory to God Jesus will have his way. You see the battle as already been won. Mine yours ,my neighbors. all we have to do is yield to the Holy Spirit at work in our own life’s. He will do the rest.

In closing I was reminded that the word of God always yields goodness and peace. Its not always easy or pretty, but it will always prevail. Why not let the word be our guide. Below is my mark. Wont you let it be yours also. Ask God to turn the light on in your deepest motives and thoughts. That you might be made holy as he is.

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Matthew 5:8

Purity is the main thing to aim at. We need to be made clean within through the spirit and the word . The is a close connection between the affections and the understanding: if we love evil, we cannot understand that which is good. If the heart is foul the eye will be dim. How can those men of love unholy things see a holy God?

What a privilege it is to see God here! A glimpse of him is heaven below! In Christ Jesus, the pure in heart behold the Father. We see him; His truth, His love, His purpose, His sovereignty, and His covenant character. But this is only if sin is kept out of the heart. The desire of Moses , “Please show me Your glory,” can only be fulfilled in us as we purify ourselves from all inequity. Lord make us pure in heart,that we may see you!

With all my Love Tom