Walking in the light just a little more thanks to my friend Kelly. This is her story she shared on her blog. Take a look at Kelly’s blog she is a dynamic woman of God with life changing wisdom.

A Really Full Life

Under A Dark Tree Called Envy

Under the dark shadow of a tree called envy

distorted all things will appear

lines and contours grotesquely twisted

the horizon stands up on its ear

The world and reality bent out of shape

by a heart so damaged it just can’t see straight

pride greed and malice companions these three

cling tightly to envy like roots to a tree

And roots they are of the foulest kind

nourishing self til they make it divine

St. Paul named himself Wretched and pled for release

from the body of death and the sin that won’t cease

And thanked with his next breath our God great and good

Who through Christ and His cross cut the root where it stood

Planting His Spirit down deep in its place

giving it new life and a wellspring of grace

Let another tree grow instead God said

casting light not a shadow ‘ore all


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