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And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. Then many false prophets  will rise up and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. But he who endures to the end shall be saved

Matthew 24:10-13

I don’t want to remember how many times I have been offended and cringe at the thought of how many times I might have offended someone and didn’t know I had. Never the less it happens sooner or later I am going to get offended. Feelings are going to be hurt relationships destroyed, trust betrayed. Being offended is not something that’s not going to happen to us or we are every going to keep from happening, its something we want to be prepared to handle . When we are offended we produce this kind of fruit ,bitterness, hurt, anger, outrage, strife, envy and other fruit we would not find tasteful. We then start backbiting, gossiping, insulting people and break off relationships, make rude comments and betray one another. 

All of this creates division among acquaintances, friends and lovers. Our minds wonder and our hearts are deceived. The trap has been laid. We are now in its grasp. It is painful and hurts. The danger is that as a rule it is a bunch of small traps or offenses that mount up over time and have the opportunity to fester and become sour in our hearts and minds that get to us. This will always come about by pride. We say I handled that I am not offended everything is in control. That is the first lie. It’s a stealth affect its like taking sand and throwing it against something, over time it will cut deep grooves into solid rock nothing can stop it.

Then there is the sledge-hammer upside the head offense . It takes us out in one blow. Immediately every emotion we have comes into play and we begin to justify why we are right and they are wrong, pride has us again.

An offending spirit is the worst enemy of the Christian man or woman out there today. It is the single most denied thing by man and woman that satan uses against the body of Christ and almost all of us do nothing about it or give it very little audience . Why? Pride. We don’t want anyone to know we are not super Christians or that we have been offended. It is a sign of weakness. Heck we don’t even want to talk about it. If we don’t talk about it then it will go away right? Pride. 

The first thing an enemy of ours will do to us is divide us. Being offended does that. It’s a lot easier to conquer when there are fewer standing that are healthy. We might say aw! come on its not that big of deal. Remember the sand against the rocks, a little at a time. Our enemy is subtle and a conniving liar as well as a deceiver. Offending spirits will conquer us because they divide us and harm us leaving us unhealthy if not destroyed .(The battle is of the mind and the spirit not of this world. It takes years to heal broken relationships from an offending spirit if you  are not prepared and let pride rule your heart.

Towards the end of this world many will be offended, remember the scripture up above. This is prophecy . Isn’t it happening a lot more these days?  So why are we surprised? why the pride?, why the attitude of it’s no big deal? Most likely because satan is playing us like a soft melody. So soft we don’t or want hear it. Offended? Someone has hurt our feelings, some one has made us mad, someone is not playing fair, So we are crippled because of it, not affective, living in fear, bitter and ready to give up. Jesus has warned us. It is real. Take a closer look at whats going on.

There are four types of love Agape,Phileo,Storge,Eros Friends have a phileo type of love it is conditional, you do for me I will do for you. You be kind I will be kind. Agape love is not conditional . It’s the love God has placed in the hearts of a Christian. It gives whether or not it gets or not. Even when it has been rejected and offended. Has our Agape love  grown cold and we love like the world does today. Jesus said many Christians love would. When we sow love in the spirit instead of our flesh then we are not expecting something back. We are doing it with a Agape love. When we sow like this we reap the love of God we need to practice this type of spiritual law so that our faith is built up. It might not come from the field you sowed it in or even right away, but I assure you it will come.  Jesus said it would. http://biblehub.com/galatians/6-8.htm.

At the end of His life on earth all of Jesus’s friends had betrayed and left him and one followed from afar. Yet he forgave them with His Fathers love.  He had faith in His Fathers love. Knowing that because of this they would love Him and many sons and daughters would love Him. He freely loved and forgave asking nothing.

It’s a set up for us when we have expectations out of someone and then if they don’t meet them we are offended. Someone offends and they are immediately cut off until we get what we think we deserve. The bigger our expectations the bigger the offending spirit we have and the longer it will take to get over. So why don’t we quit expecting so much from folks? Be a giver instead of a taker. A servant to others instead of looking to be served. Why don’t we wash someones feet for them?

Are we keeping score? I served its their turn. I try all the time its their turn. When we have reached a place where we have read the word and know the word we need to apply the word. We need to live in the freedom of the word of God. Jesus was warning us in Matthew 24;10-13. Quit letting this offending spirit rule over our lives . Love with a Agape love instead. Love first, Love anyway. This will take practice that’s why we are to do it. So we get to practice on each other (Christians). It’s easy to love the lovable or at least its suppose to be. What about the un-lovable ? If we can’t love one another we have no faith. When we offend other Christians we offend God. Why? They belong to the body of  Christ as all Christians do. So therefore it offends God. I might add it also is like a cancer that if left unchecked spreads throughout the body of Christ. Offending one another is a big deal.

So how do we get to that place of not being offended? We won’t get there. It’s in the world. Its sin and brokenness. We all have sinned and fell short of the Glory of the Lord. If a man says he has not he is a liar. So that should make most Christians more comfortable about sinning. That is why Jesus paid the price. Our place is to keep practicing not sinning. We will get better at it as we go along. When we get offended get over it (quick ). Don’t expect so much from one another . Serve one another. Remember being offending and offending others is sin. Practice makes perfect. I could write a book on Christians being offended there is so much wrapped around it.

My desire for us in closing and my hope is that I have made enough of an impression upon us that we would look into this topic of being offended and offending others and take it seriously . I intend to do just that.

Father I ask you to forgive me for anyone I might have offended knowingly or unknowingly. I ask for forgiveness from anyone that reads my blog if I have offended you in any way. I forgive you as well. Lord that we would live in peace and love with one another, so that the world would know we are yours. Father that we might have favor with the lost and patience with those of us that are still coming along in our walk with you. Lord help me not to expect so much from my brothers and sisters across this world I live in, but always to be ready to encourage and uplift them . Father I ask for strength and courage for all of us to stand and that you would send us opportunities to increase our faith in you. In your precious name I pray.

All my Love Tom