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I woke up this morning and headed to my easy chair and  sat down then picked up my bible. I was still  trying to focus and wake up . I said good morning Lord. I wanted to talk with God and pray for some folks on Carolyn and mine’s prayer list. I read through the chapters of Psalms 114-119. I stopped here because 119 is so long the biggest book in the bible. To much for me to think about at one time. I will break it up some when I go back to it.

The thing I like about the Psalms is the worship and adoration of David and others towards God for what he has done for them. Praising and lifting up Jesus for his faithfulness. I have had the urge to write a post again and was wondering what I would share? If I had taken my way I would have already posted. I am glad I waited on Jesus to speak to me about this post through his word and my setting down and talking with him through prayer.

So I finished up my reading and thought I would begin to pray. Instead I begin to fumble around with my not so smart

(smart phone.) I was trying to move a prayer list to the appropriate folder, then it dawned on me the reason it wasn’t being moved was because it was a pdf file and it was throwing it into the cloud with adobe. So that’s where it went.

I said all this to you good readers that you might see how the enemy can come against you in your time of fellowship and prayer with Jesus. I had the prayer list why did I want to mess with it now? Focus and rebuke. Remember I was sleepy yet. I finally got around to reading the prayer list. These where folks who had lost loved ones and where going through our church grief share program. As I begin to pray the Lord brought my attention span into his way of communication with him. Otherwise deeper thinking and more clarity. I surrendered and this is what unfolded.

I begin to look upon the mantel at photo’s of Kelly our daughter we lost last July. This caused me to feel the hurt and pain that these people where experiencing right now today. It was fresh for most of them. Suicide, murder, heart attacks, cancer,and other things had claimed the lives of their loved ones. Some of them had lost multiple family members at one time. Three of the ladies had.

Now I have to say here the pain and hurt that I felt for those women turned into the hurt and pain for their husbands and children and the rest of their families that had been affected by these losses. This caused me to begin to sob and cry. I then begin to realize like a wave that washed over me and a veil that and been torn back, what Jesus was baring for all mankind .

You see if I hurt so badly for my loss and then I was able to feel the loss of those families because of my own experience Then what was it like for Jesus to carrying that every single second of the day. I cannot tell you if Jesus actually feels the pain now at the right hand of the father that I felt today. I don’t belief he does. I do know he did on his journey on this earth and at the cross. Today Jesus carries all of our terrible life experiences for us. He fills the void where a loved one once was and gets us through daily.

I know something some of these ladies and their families don’t . It has been almost six months since Kelly passed on. Jesus has carried me every step of the way. He will carry them also if they will let him. That is my prayer for them. That is why I intercede for them. That they would know the love of God and the Joy of Jesus in and through their loss. I realized this morning that no greater love for mankind exist than the love of a savior who would bear our burdens and our infliction and wear them on his body as man so that death and destruction would hold no grip on mankind.

As I set there in my chair I lifted my hands upward to the throne of grace and love and even now tears form in my eyes as I write this at the sheer love and power that flows from the mighty throne of God hallelujah all glory to God who sits on the throne. I want you dear readers to get it deep down in your stomach that God really does love you and me Oh glory. God said that at the loss of one of our loved ones he cares and sees this happening, that he will restore us. God will also restore you from anything else that’s going on in your life. God cares about every single thing going on in your life.

The amazing thing that is going on is he feels and sees all these important life changing events in folks life’s all across this world and loves them and wants to carry that burden for them. God wants to  reveal his love and compassion to you. God wants a relationship with you today.

In closing I want to say it again Oh how he loves you.