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Waking up this morning and going to church was undecided. Carolyn was headed into a second round of the bug going around and would not be attending with me. I had settled in my robe at the window in my office with a cup of coffee. Snow on the ground and watching the birds at the feeders. Then Carolyn broke the silence. Tom are you going to church this morning? It was a statement more than a question. You know you better get around you got 15 minutes before Sunday school starts or connect groups whatever they call them these days. Used to be Sunday school. I am old now so I think its connect groups.

Carolyn has always been jealous that I can get ready in about 5 minutes. Flat top hair and bathe like you know men do lol. Any who I got around quick and out to the car. Did I say there was snow on the ground already. Thank God for heated seats. I fired the old Avalon up and then it dawned on me.  I was on my way to church. I hadn’t prayed or spent any real-time with God since before Christmas Jeez…. Remember I am an older guy been around for a while now. I have to get it right you know.

I started into my well here I am Lord prayer. Sorry I haven’t checked in but I am ready to be Holy for a while. That is when the Holy Spirit reminded me that I did not have to check in. Then who did remind me that I had to check in. I was feeling really a heavy and guilty conscience here you know.

Then it dawned on me,the old devil was up to no good this morning. I am sleepy and kinda groggy got to get my Jesus stuff on and wham he side swipes me. He had me going for a second there. You see I had been enjoying family and building good will and relationships just being me. Everything God loves. Yet here I was feeling like I needed to check in and put my Jesus face on to go to church and Sunday school  this morning. I have been guilty of that, I admit. Not often as of lately. That is not what bothered me though. That is not important.

I kept praying and I let my heart be seen by God. Simple weak and without pride. Lord be with us today,we need you Father. Let your spirit be in the house and with our leaders. Move amongst us and reveal yourself to us. Let those that need you the most find you in us and in this house we call church amen.

There was the key to the door. House, church,reveal,need. Well I drove on to church not giving much thought to what would go on that day. Just trusting Jesus in the back of my groggy mind and hoping I had set it right with the Lord. Off we go.

It was the first Sunday back after Christmas and the one before New Years, so folks were gone and most were still in a daze. Me included. I got to Sunday school and they had already started taking prayer request. I was wee bit late, fashionable for some these days but for me its Zig Zigler 15 minutes early and your late.” He ain’t heavy he’s my brother”. I can’t help it. Old school. I went in quietly and took a seat. It wasn’t long and a lady came and spent 15 minutes telling us about her mission work in Mexico and other folks were sharing their Holiday blues and stories. Long story short it wasn’t long and it was 10 until eleven o’clock. We dismiss for Sunday school services at eleven. I had set there not saying a word for almost an hour and no Sunday school book had been cracked open yet.

I chuckle at this statement because the irony of it is. It is the way we are. Always afraid to speak up. Got to make the right impression, might offend someone. After all we had our Sunday best on. Rewind to me leaving for church this morning and having to be correct. However I had something I wanted to share. So I asked if it would be alright if I shared my story with them. You have already heard it.

I told them that we needed to think about where we wear Jesus. On our sleeves or in our heart. The pharisees of old and new today had tassels they wore on their robes and made their alms known to all. They were quite proud of that everyone could notice and besides they were always right. I realized that this morning I had been guilty of wearing my alms so to speak on my sleeve. I explained to them that if we offer what we have to others will it yield anything? If we dress it up will they not see it is from us and doubt us. I got a few deer in the head light looks on that one. You see I said where we are weak he is strong and able and sure. Is it not Jesus the image we want? Do we not want them to be free and know the truth. Is it me that has these answers and knows these things. I explained that we have to get out-of-the-way and trust God to do the work in others and to use us to do so. How can God do that if we keep dressing it up to were no one recognizes it. Do we not trust that God will say the right thing when the time comes or supply us with the words and resources we need to do his Holy work that breaks the yoke of bondage on all mankind. I reminded them that God said that when we speak in the spirit then speak like he was speaking through us with boldness and the love of God himself,sure that what we share will encourage and uplift our brothers and sisters and lead them toward him. God so wants to reveal himself to us all.

Well it went over well and boy was I sweating it. Until I got started then, Jesus just flowed. Not me him. Not dressed up just the naked truth with love and a humble heart. Sunday school was over and off to church. I sat down where Carolyn usually sets us. I didn’t want anyone to know I had been out of line and naughty,moving about in a strange seat and all. Wasn’t long and along came one of our mutual friends and we hugged and exchanged greetings. I thought hey Leta and Lonnie always come back here to love on us. So off i went to say hello to Lonnie. He invited me to sit with him and so I thought heck Carolyn’s not here why not hahahaha!

I was setting and reading the program prior to the service and wham there it is again God in the program talking about what me and him and the Sunday school class and the fellow in the sound booth had already been talking about. Man God sure gets around. I was getting excited and no longer groggy he had my attention finally. I knew something was up when he could yank all these heart-strings at the same time with the same message.

You ain’t heard nothing yet when Rick started in on his sermon it was like I been here done that already. This was all a God moment. So after the service I shared with Rick our pastor and let him know how amazing it is that God can cause people in the same place to be on the same page at the same time. Well God does say of like one mind and one spirit. If you are in me then you are in the Father.

This was my Sunday. I wanted to share with you all that read this blog. I want to suggest to you and me. Just maybe we can wear Jesus on our hearts more and trust him more. That way maybe he can get some things done sooner and more folks will see him instead of us. Thank you for reading this post. It is with love and a humble heart that I shared it with you.


All my love Tom