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images (4)you matter

The other night I was setting in my easy chair and a thought came to me do people think what I have to say is important? I felt compelled to write something on the subject. As usual I had to wait for a few day’s and see what came to me. As usual nothing came. So I did a some research and still nothing. Then a thought. I never said you would know what to say. Write I will give it to you. Back to the old story I never have anything to say that’s important which is why I started this story anyway. At least I thought thats why I started to write it.

It sadness me that so many folks think that they do not matter or they are not important to anyone. I believe we all get that way at some point in our life’s. It is a very discouraging and a hopeless feeling that you do not matter to anyone I would imagine. It also can quickly become destructive to our  minds and souls. Pulling us down deeper and deeper into a pit of despair and bitterness,self-pity and anger.

I want to be clear on something here for the readers of this story. I am not an authority on folks that are suicidal or depressed. I am though hoping to place some healing thoughts into their hearts if I can. I want to be of help and encourage you.

There are many different reasons I would think folks get discouraged and downtrodden experiencing feelings of hopelessness. One might be an addiction that you cannot shake. Maybe peer pressure or a feeling of rejection from family or friends. A deep secrete you want no one to know about.

I personally have experienced all of the above feelings and situations. My heart has been broken so many times that I thought it never could be healed again. I literally gave up on trying to get better and fit in with this old world. I am not the brightest person in the world. I have lived a long time though. More years than I got left to live that’s for sure. With those years of living came many mistakes and failures. Many disappointments and heartaches. Much confusion and uncertainty.

The truth is it would blow their socks off if most folks knew my past in totality. How does that fit in here you say. Well its my diploma for those that read this and say he does not know how I feel. No I haven’t lived it all just most of it. I want you to know I understand most life can throw at you.

I have tried every remedy there is to fix my brokenness. What I am fixing to say to you is the truth as I have learned it. There are no magic pills,drugs,wild living,cheating,hurting yourself,drinking or lying going to fix this issue in your life. Hiding it wont work either. That is a fact as I have lived it. Those things will only pull you down further and further and compound your problems.

There is not a quick easy fix. It took you awhile to get where you are at. It will take a while to get healthy again.  I wont delay any longer. Your answer is God almighty. Yes he does exist and is aware of you and whats going on in your life. He also cares more than you understand right now about where you are at. Prove it you say. You are reading this aren’t you. That didn’t happen by accident. You see God wants you to be alright and at peace in your life.

Now that you have the answer let me tell you the rest of the story. You have to ask God to forgive you for the wrong things you are doing in your life. Rededicate your life to him. If you do not know God then I will tell you all you have to say is Father forgive me for my sins. I want to live my life for you. Come into my life now.

Now begins your journey back to a healthy peaceful life filled with joy and strength. Your days will still have failures and disappointments. People will still disappointment you and fail you. You however will not be an emotional wreak anymore carrying baggage and issues that weigh you down. You see God in his infinite love for you will carry these issues for you as you release your life to him. God will begin a work in you the moment you turn from the direction you are going in and place goodness and hope into your broken life. There will be days nothing seems like it has changed. Then one day slowly at first you will realize. Your life has changed and is getting better and you are getting stronger. God will not change a heart and circumstances in a person’s life that does not want to change. You say well if he wont just snap his fingers and make it go away then I am not going to ask him. My friend I say again. If God did not want you, I wouldn’t be writing this story and you would not be reading it. People is how God gets things done sometime in fact most of the time. Its called restoration and relationships. God wants this with you and him and all of us. For us to be together forever.

The bible is a big love story. Filled with God’s love for mankind. Starting on the first page and first word God has created the world and then created a man and woman someone like him (us,you) to talk to.  Then Jesus in the middle of the bible to restore us to him. Ending in Revelation the final chapter of the bible he comes and takes us home. One big love story and its all about you and how much he cares about you and how important you really are. It took me years to just begin to rest in his arms and let him have my life. He will honestly do it all for you. If you will just trust him by saying yes to him. I f you read this and want to talk email me and we can visit. My prayer for you is you will either rededicate your life to God or give your life to him. That you will come to know the love that God has for you and me. You do matter you are important.


All my love Tom




images (4)you matter