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Today as I was driving over to the improvement store. I was praying and as I finished up I decided I would spend some time praising the Lord. What came out was Lord Its true you are my strong tower,Lord its true you are my deliver,Lord you its true you are beautiful,Lord its true you are my comforter, Lord its true you are my peace, Lord its true you know everything,Lord its true you care about me, Lord its true you are approachable, Lord its true you do want to talk to me, Lord its true you are everywhere,Lord its true you do hear my prayers.

Well you get it then I thought hey what are some things about the Lord that are not true that we are told? Lord its not true you don’t love me, Lord its not true you don’t care,Lord its not true you hold grudges or keep count of my sins,Lord its not true that you are making being a christian to hard,Lord its not true that your not coming back,Lord its not true I have to perform my walk with you just right or I don’t get into heaven,Lord its not true that you don’t heal and do miracles today still,Lord its not true that I must pray every day or you wont love me.

Some of these might seem silly,however the old devil is a subtle fox. Its the small foxes that spoil the vine. As I was praising God about the truths about him I felt a peace come over me and maybe God was smiling because I was professing the truth about him out loud. Try it sometimes. It is very liberating and is a wonderful way to love on God and let the old devil know your not asleep anymore, not to mention it renews your thinking about God and what he really thinks about you.

Much Love Tom