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The Lemonade Life

shattered glass

Happiness espoused
While tears, my face douse
Life is no glass house
My heart of lies

A mask is what shows
True face, no one knows
His love shall expose
My life’s disguise

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Lemonade: Masks. I was a connoisseur of masks for years. I knew exactly which mask to wear in each situation. Unfortunately, wearing all those masks made me forget who I was. It wasn’t until the Lord’s love began to bloom in my heart that the truth of my inner pain was exposed.

At first I felt naked without wearing a mask, but then I began to embrace the Lord’s healing in my life. As I healed, I shed the multiple disguises of my life. I have to confess that it was truly liberating to stand before others mask/disguise free.

I am far from perfect, but…

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