It is not my intent to ride the issue of prayer in the ground. It is a very important part of our life’s. That being said as of lately I have been pressing in so to speak on the topic of prayer and thereby seeking a better relationship with Jesus. So it is in that spirit that I kindly give you my dear friends one more on prayer. God is good.

It is not so true that prayer changes things as that prayer changes me, and then I change things; consequently we must not ask God to do what He has created us to do. For instance, Jesus Christ is not a social reformer; He came to alter us first, and if there is any social reform to be done on earth, we must do it.

Prayer is not meant to develop us naturally, it is meant to give the life of the Son of God in us a chance to develop that the natural order may be transfigured into the spiritual.

Reflection Question: How can I achieve the proper balance between praying for something to be done and working to get it done?

Much Love Tom