There is much to be said about family. When I sat down at my desk this morning to write it was almost overwhelming the issues we face today as families. I will make my comments short and sweet as they say because I want to get this out this morning, I feel compelled to do that for someone. So here it is. Jesus said  in Matthew 10 :21 That a brother would betray a brother to death, a father would betray his own child and children would betray their own parents and cause them to be killed. These are some of the same issues we face today. Families turn against one another ,grumbling and complaining about one another. wishing ill will towards one another. Not speaking, rebellion, verbal and physical abuse and addictions.Today it is rare to see families knitted together closely with love. Families are broken apart by strife and bitterness. Let it be a warning a wake up call if you will. Christ does not want this for us.Instead he wants us to love one another and respect each other. Being tender hearted and humble before each other. Quick to forgive each of our wrong doings to each other and living in peace and harmony. It is a great lie Satan is telling folks about each other. Deceiving you into believing your family members do not care about you.Today reach out to that loved one where there is hurt and un-forgiveness and love them and except them where they are at. Giving love a chance to heal all things. Surrender it all to Christ and let him begin the restoration process in your families. He will do it if you will let him truly have the issue you’re dealing with.He wants to take it and change it for you. Folks you have heard it said that it is all about relationships in the journey toward home we trek. Well it is. Ours with Christ and with our families. I pray you begin the healing process today toward a healthier and joyful relationship with your families.