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  1. Good Morning!
    Sometimes I put the cart before the horse so to speak.I try to get right with God by my own efforts,earn my way into his love and mercy.Maybe if I go to church,do some church work,give some tithes and offerings and smile allot and be nice then God will love and accept me and I can get to heaven. After all I did everything I was suppose to. Well the truth is this way Will never work …it will get me nowhere.You see God had a plan for me long ago.He already knew how it would turn out.He never wanted me to earn my favor or right standing with him or earn a place in heaven. Gods plan is not for folks that do that.Gods plan is for those that realize that they will never be good enough and so must depend on Christ Jesus. We can only be saved by putting our trust and faith in what Jesus Christ has done .If I do that.I will never be disappointed.Romans 9:31,33