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I am not going in there to night. I rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus. God why want this leave me alone. No one cares. What if they knew. My friends would never want to be around me again. They are not my friends anyway. Where are they when I need them. No one cares about me but Dad and Mom. When Dad and Mom was here I could talk to Them. Maybe she or he will go to bed sooner tonight. I wonder if I can find that movie I downloaded.  What would people think if they knew I was molested when I was six years old. Would they believe me? How could I have gotten mixed up in so many different things so young. Why wasn’t Mom and Dad there to protect me. Its there fault. Or is it mine. Why want these images go away. I think she or he has gone to bed. It will be better in a little while.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Do you notice almost immediately there is a confused, paranoid , broken and hurting  person here. Unsure of what they are doing. Questions after answers and more questions.This is how satan controls the mind of a person battling porn.The tearing down of the individuals self worth.The feeling of unworthiness. The feeling of abandonment. Nothing matters anymore except this ritual they are fixing to perform.

It will leave you broken,sad, irritated at yourself and others that have done nothing to you and know nothing. Which will lead to more guilt on your part. More confusion, More hurt, More pain.  After all that is what he (satan) does. Accuse, blame,hurt, maim, and then destroy you. Maybe you will go act out another habit to sooth this one over. I am not trying to be hard here. If you are really hurting today and need help. Then I am going to tell the story right. I want you to know. I have been there. I am no authority on every sexuall issue. I do have freedom from the strongholds and lies of satan and a experienced insight first hand into the dark streets of his (satan.) I also know the way to a life filled with joy and self worth.

Well you get the picture.In some way it looks like you. Maybe different people or circumstances. Still its the same old hurt maim, confuse,blame destroy thing. Satan really hopes you will just give up. Never underestimate your enemy though.You see he will never give up trying to destroy you. He has you on the run. For the sake of time and those that might just be lurking around reading this post and you’re welcome to lurk.I will cut short the hard nasty truth and move on.

I want stop and say something else here. This issue affects such a broad spectrum of individuals in so many different ways. That I could never cover or address all of them here. So for the sake of someone that is ready to give up. I give you these efforts tonight. My purpose is to help and encourage those that are hurting and feeling hopeless. With that said I offer Hope.

God will never give up on you.The Holy Spirit will never quit calling you home. Jesus will never quit making a way for you to come home and plead for you.They all love you.You are God’s creation.The Holy Spirit hovers over you watching you constantly. Jesus died and paid the price for your freedom and never would give up on you. So when you distant yourselves from Them, the only one being harmed is you. Oh you hurt all of Them, because They love you so. They will wait on you.To make a choice to come home.They will be waiting rejoicing and welcoming you home to where you really belong. Only God can give you lasting freedom from the strongholds of Satan. Only God can give you the assurance if you fail He is still there for you.Only God can give you the strength you need to get through and become the person you want to be and desire to be.God will wait on you.

The important thing is are you going to wait until it is to late.You know Jesus is returning one day. No man knows when. Now any moment, no one knows. Will it be too late for you.Your part in this is to make a commitment or renew the one you have already made to Jesus and ask forgiveness for your sins. Then you are on your way to a new life. Jesus will do all the work in your imperfect life to mold you and shape you into what he wants you to be.You might fail again. Jesus knows that. Repent and move on trusting Jesus to mold you and shape you. Carry your head high knowing that Jesus paid a price that you might be set free. For when Jesus makes you free you are free indeed.

I didn’t just start this journey home I am on. I have been at it a while now. One thing I can tell you there is hope and encouragement for all mankind. His name is Jesus. He is the way and the light and your shelter in the storms of life. Jesus loves you when you are down, when you are filthy and disgusting and when you’re on top of the world. Jesus’s love never changes always remaining the same.

Try Jesus.Call on Him.Give Him a chance.He knows it won’t be easy. After all He has allot to clean up give Him time.Time is in His hands you know? 

It is my sincere desire that whoever you are that you would be free from any stronghold the devil has on you.That you live a life full of joy, peace and purpose. So I pray Father who ever reads this if they are hurting and need you, please let them find you. I Pray that you would be released now in the mighty name of Jesus from the power of darkness and abuse in your life. I claim healing in your life and home. I pray a hedge of protection around you, your family ,work and you’re going and coming in the name of Jesus. I bound all principalities of evil from coming against you, your family,work or home,coming and going in any way and command them now to return to whence they came in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord we thank you that you are a sovereign God. Lord we thank you and praise you for paying the price for us Father. Lord we give you Glory in our thoughts and deeds and pray your protection over us. We need you Father. Help us.

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