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I always want to write something that will touch someone’s life. That will give them hope. That comes from the Holy Spirit not me. I will talk your ear off and not say anything sometimes. At least thats how I feel occasionally after a conversation with someone. However one thing I have noticed is that when the Holy Spirit say’s something through me people listen it sinks in they get it. Sooner or later I know when I go away it will began to grow in them.

This morning I attended two different church services. At both churches I prayed. One church I came before hand and prayed for the Holy Spirit’s presence and anointing upon everyone who came into that service. I walked the halls outside the sanctuary and prayed. For strength and wisdom for the pastor and staff.

I was standing in a dark room praying when out of the corner of my eye, I saw the pastor of this church and how gray his hair had become. At once the Holy Spirit gave me discernment on what to pray for him. I have seen a change through the years come over this pastor. He has aged and he has grown wise and lowly of spirit, a humble man,kind and yes full of the spirit. These are things I have been praying for him. It is no longer about him at all. He really cares about his flock and it shows on his face.

I knew when I left that church this morning that the will of the Holy Spirit would be done. I had no doubt. In fact the churches expectations that day were more than they thought it might be and I haven’t even talked to anyone yet. You see thats how the Holy Spirit works. You come to him with your cares. Thats all he really wants. He already knows the need and has more than we can even imagine.

The other church I attended later was a church Carolyn and I have visited over the last few weeks. I really enjoy the worship service there and the pastor is young and educated on the word of God. He is a delight to hear and to see the fresh anointing on his face,with the excitement  of proclaiming God’s Holy word. I expected to enjoy a good service and worship and be available for anything the Lord would have me do. Instead I felt the strong presence of the Holy Spirit in the sanctuary. I might say many souls were touched this morning. Chains of bondage were released and their spirits were renewed and I received a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit

What do all these experiences have in common? The power of the Holy Spirit. You see He already knew what we all needed. All we have to do is place ourselves in a place where he can minister to us. He has all the resources. If today you are needing a fresh anointing from the Holy Spirit. I would say to you go to the Lord and bend your knee before him. Open your heart and confess your need. I would say to you the Holy Spirit already knows what you need and will exceedingly and abundantly give you more than you ask for. If we will just yield to him today.

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